Friday, 19 August 2011

Questionable Content

One of my parents' favourite stories was one of me when I was six years old. A university and wartime friend of my dad's came to visit. He had become a minister after graduation and had a congregation in Florida.

As he was leaving, he was speaking about his faith and suddenly crouched down beside me. He pointed at my chest, and with a smile said, "Do you know what is inside there, son?" Excited by the easy question, I beamed proudly and yelled, "GUTS!" My Mom and Dad laughed, but the preacher didn't.

I am now focused on writing the first draft, the guts, of my book. The following sections are being included for each of the questions a leader must answer to successfully manage their change project:

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Readers have different learning preferences. Each of the sections appeals to a specific learning style preference and all four styles are covered. My assumption is that readers will first go to the information formatted for their style preferences, and then move onto the other sections. The tailored approach is ideal for the time-starved reader. 

My objective is not for people to read the whole book, unless they want to. Rather, it is to provide information that will help them deal with the decisions they face. I would be delighted if they learned one thing that helped them along the way.

So far so good. I continue working through the 45 questions I have chosen, getting inspiration from the notebooks and emails I have saved from my career.  Only 225 sections to write until my first draft is completed. I'm getting there, one thought at a time.


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