Friday, 17 May 2013

How would you spend my time?

For the last year, I have been carrying around a fortune from a cookie. It says, "Value time over money. Only time cannot be replenished." I like it, especially since as families grow and careers grow longer, I have realize that life doesn't last forever. 

Everyone's challenge is to spend their finite time in ways that gives them an amazing life and success (whatever that means to them). 

I asked myself this question this week about how I am spending my time promoting Change with Confidence. Have I distributed my time wisely? Am I maximizing my potential? How will I know?

I am spending time on all activities in my marketing plan. Fortunately, all of them are building awareness and, if I had more time, I could do more of each one. The best I can do is track my results by activity and adjust the percentages accordingly. Also, I need to add other activities to make sure I don't miss any opportunities. 

Like most things you are trying to perfect, testing and learning provides a solid path to better results, maximizing your potential and success. Since time cannot be replenished, every second counts.


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