Friday, 1 July 2011

Learning from the Best - Part II

Cicero and I disagree on his comment that  "Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself." There is always something to be gained from other people's perspectives, even in areas in which you have a lot of knowledge. And for areas that are new to you, experience-based wisdom is essential.

This rang true earlier this week when I got together with John Bradley, accomplished author of "The Foul Bowel, 101 Ways to Survive and Thrive with Crohn's Disease" and "Cadbury's Purple Reign: The Story Behind Chocolate's Best-Loved Brand".

From the first day I met him at the chocolate factory, John always has been generous in sharing his wisdom and advice. His perspectives on writing have helped me better understand my choices and the approaches to make them. Here are two short video clips that capture many highlights of our conversation. I learned so much in these 3 minutes!

John, thanks for your help. I appreciate it.


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