Thursday 14 April 2022

How to Make Decisions

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When you are short of time, here is the one action that will give you 80 percent results in 20 percent of the time.


Choose the best option that leaders support.


–        Assess the pros and cons of three options.

–       Select the one that delivers the best outcomes.

–        Discuss your choice with leaders and make adjustments if required to gain united support.

Your most important change activity is to help leaders make decisions. Showing them the implications of their options will lead to better and more supported choices. Often, decisions must be made quickly, either because there is little time to discuss new information or something has gone wrong. Listing pros and cons is a fast way to review options in the context of your objectives. Identify three options and note the pros and cons of each. Doing nothing may be a good option to assess because it evaluates the speed of action. Choose the option that best moves you toward achieving your goals. 

Once you’ve identified the best option, share it with leaders and implement it if you have their support. If not, make modifications until all leaders support it. Sometimes, you’ll need to pivot to another option if they reject your first pick. If this happens, try to build in some elements of your best option to increase the probability of its success. 


DECISION COMPARISON TOOL: How will I make a decision?


Informally (verbally) test your best option with key leaders. You can then incorporate their feedback before formally presenting.

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