Thursday 8 November 2012

Building a Web Site and Getting It Right

The web site is the hub of my marketing plan. It will be my 24/7 global ambassador, representing my book, consulting company and beliefs on change management. I have to get it right.

So what does getting it right mean? It doesn't mean complex, flashy and promotion-laced; it means simple, easy to navigate and helpful. It has to communicate what I do and how I do it in a way that reflects my personality. 

To prepare for my first meeting with Krishan, a graphic and web designer who is known for crafting organization identities, I took screen shots of internet sites I liked. I deleted them all when I saw the Very Cool Life web site because it demonstrated all of my site requirements better than any of them:

- Simplicity
- Quick loading
- Ease of navigation
- A 'human,' personal feel
- Use of different media including video
- Consistency of format
- Lots of white space
- Generous giveaways
- Good positioning of the owner's book 

Krishan is now mocking-up a test site. My task is to start writing content for the following sections:

- Home
- About
- The Book
- What We Offer
- Contact

I expect that headings and content will change prior to launching my site, which is part of the creative process. The balance between art and science will take a while to get right. The best sign of success will be people effectively and efficiently accessing information. "Simple and easy" are complex and difficult goals.


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