Friday, 25 September 2015

Creating a Vision for Change: Fight the Good Fight

I've been a music fan all my life. It's the hobby I spent most of my money on growing up. Audiophiles would call me a 'completest,' buying obscure tracks to own everything that my favourite bands created. In my teens, I bought a 'Cheap Thrills' concert ticket subscription for Maple Leaf Gardens, the hockey arena that most big acts played. Music was a foundation of my life.
As a teen in the 70s, I listened to rock, progressive rock, funk, disco, punk and new wave, depending on the year. One band I completely missed was Triumph.In the late 70s and early 80s, they had a few rock hits on Top 40 radio and a solid FM following. They were often compared with another Canadian trio Rush.

Last week, I heard their song, "Fight the Good Fight", one of their biggest hits.

It struck me that the lyrics include many key messages that a leader needs to make when launching a compelling vision for change.

The best visions are 'lived' by leaders who believe in their teams' ability to create a better future. They appeal to the hearts and minds of their colleagues. Winning over hearts ensures personal investment and engagement; winning over minds ensures agreement with the need for change.

Here are the key leadership messages included in Triumph's 'Fight the Good Fight':

  1. There is a danger we must address
  2. The signs are clear if you look for them
  3. We are up for the challenge
  4. It will be worth our efforts
  5. I am completely (and personally) committed to our goal
  6. I am passionate about it too
  7. Believe in the vision like I do
  8. I need your help
  9. I am confident in your abilities
  10. This is the chance you have been looking for to be your best
  11. This is your role in our success
  12. It's your choice to commit
  13. Give it your best
  14. It won't be easy
  15. I am here to help you be successful
  16. You will know what to do
  17. Join me
  18. Let's show them what we can do
This comparison reveals an interesting insight: a successful vision for change needs to align with people's personal visions. Tapping into their needs, wants and desires is the best way to align their mindset, actions and behaviours with successfully making the change. 

Perhaps that's what makes good song lyrics too.


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