Friday 25 March 2022

How to Reward Team Members


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Recognize people’s efforts through small gifts.


–        Identify milestones to recognize with gifts

–        Ask leaders to present the gifts at team meetings, highlighting the efforts that led to the achievements

–         Profile the next milestone’s tasks and express confidence they’ll be achieved

People have a need to be recognized for work that is meaningful and necessary for success. From recognition to gifts, rewards play an important role in maintaining morale, focus, and performance. They acknowledge people’s hard work and give them confidence in their future contributions.

Celebrating accomplishments with peers is especially effective because everyone knows how difficult the tasks were to achieve. Small gifts have symbolic value because they’re tangible reminders of the achievement and the organization’s appreciation for it. They also help the leader write a narrative about people’s efforts and their impact on success, positioning team members as protagonists rising to the challenge who will do so again in the future.

Being specific about how a person or team accomplished the task personalizes the recognition, making it more meaningful, especially when shared with friends and family (“My boss said that I saved the day.”)

Rewards that can be shared and enjoyed outside of work, like movie tickets or leaving early on a Friday, have the greatest impact. They communicate that people’s personal lives are important and haven't been forgotten by leaders.  


REWARDS PLANNING TOOL: What rewards will I give my project team?


Taking photos of the recognition ceremonies and sharing them broadly and visibly supercharge their meaning and impact.

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