Thursday 3 September 2020

How to Influence Decisions


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So, what is the one thing I recommend you do to influence decisions when you are short of time?


Link your preferred option to solve a particular problem to agreed business objectives.


–         Outline your option

–         Demonstrate how it will achieve the objectives of the change

–         State how other companies have achieved similar objectives from this option

The decisions that leaders make (in addition to their behaviour) often seal the fate of the project. Influencing these decisions is perhaps the biggest impact you can have on your project’s success.

Most leaders need solid rationales and hard data to support their decisions. Your best approach to influencing their decisions is to demonstrate how your preferred option contributes to achieving the objectives outlined in the business case for change (e.g. increased sales, decreased costs, higher customer satisfaction).

Clearly state your preferred option and how it will contribute to the desired results. Backing up your recommendation with examples of how other organizations, ideally similar to yours, have benefited from the approach will add credibility to your pitch.



DECISION-MAKING ASSESSMENT TOOL: How will I present my recommendation to leaders?



Approaching leaders early in the decision-making process will position your option as the default choice that all others will be compared to.


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