Monday 7 September 2020

How would you describe your personal brand story?

A former colleague, Alejandro Colindres, asked to interview me about my personal brand story for a book he is writing. Fortunately, I update my personal brand regularly because it doubles as my company’s value proposition—my company is an extension of me.

Alejandro said he would ask three questions. Here are my answers:

What would you say your professional brand is?

“I help leaders and their teams achieve their personal and business goals by providing change expertise and skill building.”

Alejandro’s personal brand definition includes three elements: experience, strengths and values.

Experience: change expertise from leading and managing 32 large change initiatives over 30 years across 60 countries.

Strengths: Providing advice and building skills are the core strengths that I deliver through writing, training, coaching, and mentoring.

Values: One of my values is “to serve.” It is referenced through the word “help” and the inclusion of both personal and business goals. Often my work expands beyond the scope of my assignments to give individuals extra support so they can be their best during change.

Walk me through your journey of how you built your brand.

I built my brand through the roles I applied for and held. My first business role was helping small and medium-sized businesses build their skills and capabilities. Each subsequent position had learning or change elements to it, from process reengineering to culture development to mergers and acquisitions. Coaching and mentoring opportunities followed that allowed me to better individualized my support.

How has your brand evolved over time?

My brand is far more focused on outcomes now. Without clear and measurable goals, you can provide the support that might not be useful or of value to people. I learned to be laser-focused on objectives.
Over time, I have realized that everyone goes through a personal transition when their organization does. People must be whole and grounded before they can achieve their best. Change is always personal, and that is where my support begins.

Alejandro and I had a good conversation. What would you say if he asked you his three questions?

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