Wednesday 4 August 2021

How to Engage Leaders During Change

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When you are short of time, here is the one action that will give you 80 percent results in 20 percent of the time.


Demonstrate how the change will further their agenda.


–        Ask leaders how the project can support their agenda.

–        Suggest other ways it can do so.

–        Monitor and report progress on these things.

Leaders are primarily measured on their function’s objectives. This means their focus, energy and support weigh toward their own accountabilities.

The most effective way to engage leaders in supporting you is to align your project’s agenda with their functional objectives. This creates a win-win dynamic where leaders are motivated to support your project’s progress because it helps them achieve personal goals. They are more likely to believe in their analysis of possible connections, but you can complement their views with others they aren’t aware of. Keep these connections top-of-mind for leaders by providing them with frequent project updates in the format they prefer, highlighting how their functional agenda is being served through project advances. 


GOAL ALIGNMENT CHART: How can I align my project outcomes with my leaders' functional priorities?


Speak with your leaders’ team members to understand their functional priorities and the language they use to describe them before holding alignment discussions.

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