Thursday, 10 December 2020

How to Create a Vision for a Change

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Describe a different, better and compelling future.


Identify how the post-change world is:

–        Different

–        Better

–        Compelling

Provide a compelling picture of a better future, a future that aligns with this leadership question: “What does the company aspire to become?” Once this is set, it acts as a North Star to align goals, strategies and the resources to achieve them.

Effective visions paint a picture of a different, better and compelling future that the organization and its employees will benefit from. Presenting the business need for these desired outcomes is necessary because it justifies the changes required to achieve it. People also need to know how the changes will affect them. Without this information, they’re likely to believe and fear worst-case scenarios and make faulty assumptions.

Outlining people’s roles (attending training sessions, testing a new process, etc.) in adopting the change is important when sharing the vision. Being clear about what they need to do for the change to be successful gives them a sense of purpose and reminds them that their contributions are important.


CHANGE VISION PLANNER: What's my change vision?


Describing how people will work in the future helps them conceptualize the benefits they will gain, and the changes required to make it a reality.

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